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Mesquite Division 1 Football and Drill was created in 2019 with the intention to provide the community an unparalleled experience, while promoting, sportsmanship, integrity, and community awareness. We strive to bring our youth to a platform that will provide them exposure, premier competition, and mentorship that can be used beyond sports and athletics. Our league is ran by the most invested and respected individuals in our league. Each president of their respected organization makes up our Executive Board. Each Organization is made up of (4) Football teams, and (4) Drill teams. Ages (4-13)

FLAG FOOTBALL & DRILL                                     Ages (4-6)



E- TEAM FOOTBALL & DRILL                              Ages (7-8)

D-TEAM FOOTBALL & DRILL.                            Ages (9-10)

C-TEAM FOOTBALL & DRILL Ages               (11-13*)

(Drill team is up to 14U)